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Ten to know us!

Updated: Jul 29, 2023

Haaaappy Twossssday!

Hope you are having a wonderful day. Today we thought we would share our top ten games to get to know us better. We couldnt decide between Table Top Games or Video Games and so we have gone through the tough challenge of deciding on ten games comprised of both categories with no rules or limits on the number of either.

Hope you enjoy the below, and please share your lists with us so we can get to know you guys better too.

Ten to know us

Al, I’ll go first…

Ocarina of Time

I've always loved RPG's but this was the first 3d "open world" RPG experience I ever had. The soundtrack is timeless and I loved every bit of the gameplay. My favorite game of all time.

Castle Panic

I saw Will Wheaton play this game in his tabletop show and it was the first time I had seen a co-op board game. I love the fact that you have to defend a castle from a force of invading orcs and goblins and that you need to work together with friends to do so. It's one of my most played board games I own.

Dungeons & Dragons

My introduction to TTRPGs and the one I have most experience with. It also led us to starting the podcast so it had to make my list.

PES (Pro Evolution Soccer)

A football (soccer) simulator that in my opinion was a more enjoyable game than EAs FIFA. Years ago Nich and I used to have a legendary rivalry between two of our custom made teams. I've spent more hours than I like to admit playing this game.

Monkey Island

Back when point and click adventure games reigned supreme, Monkey Island was the king of kings. One of my first PC games, it made me fall in love with the genre. I have played all of them including the latest that was a welcome hit of nostalgia.

Sheriff of Nottingham

This is a really fun game to play with friends, it gives you an opportunity to scratch the roleplay itch by acting out your character's actions. A favorite every time we have a board game night with friends and family.


I was introduced to the game by my eldest brother and have loved the game ever since. There is something relaxing about mining those blocks and the creations that you are able to unleash are endless. We had a YouTube channel dedicated to Minecraft content some time ago with limited success.

Shining force 2

I said ocarina of time was my favorite game of all time but if any game I ever played challenges that notion it's Shining Force II. For me it's the best tactical Rpg ever made, not even to this day has any other game of it's genre come close to beating it. It had it all, a world map to move around, heroes that leveled up and got promoted to new classes, an awesome story and, for its time, great battle cutscenes.

Final Fantasy Tactics

A game I have fond memories of. I remember hooking my Gameboy advance to the game cube and then to the TV to play the game in full screen.

World of Warcraft

The grand daddy of mmorpg's the best of the best in my opinion. The scope of the game was amazing. There were things WoW did that I had never experienced in a game ever. It was the first game I was willing to pay a subscription for happily.

Nich - Some great games on that list and some overlaps with mine…

Legend of Zelda - The Wind Waker

To this day, starting up a new save file of this game imbues in me a deep sense of adventure that most other games just quite can't match for me. The break away from the traditional overland Zelda experience, and the new and controversial art style at the time, made it feel more expressive and more immersive than any other game I had played at the time. The music throughout this title often still finds its way into my head…I’m still amazed and incredibly disappointed that with the number of ports we have on the Switch, this awesome title still hasn't made its way onto Ninendo’s hybrid console. At present still my favorite game of all time.

Dungeons & Dragons

I was introduced to this classic by Al around 7/8 years ago. Although I had heard of it and it had peaked my interest in the past, I was weary of falling into the rabbit hole I knew it could become having played other miniature based games in the past. Eventually I gave in and played in a one-shot, which of course turned into a full blown campaign…is there such a thing as a one shot?...Since then I've embraced the wonderful worlds we can play in it having been a GM for most of this time, including our first adventure on the Podcast.

Fallout 3

I discovered this game by chance having traded in some old games in a second hand FLGS and picked this up with no prior knowledge of what the game, or even the series was about. I was completely blown away by the gritty feel of the world where literally every bullet and every cap spent felt like it really meant something, and learnt the hard way that some battles were simply better to run away from. One of my favorite games ever, although I have struggled to get into the follow up titles.

Sushi Go

I remember first seeing this on Will Wheaton’s TableTop Youtube show and being intrigued by it. THe first copy I bought was actually a present for Al’s wife as I thought she would love the cute chibi art work and the game seemed fun for all of us to play together. Since then it has been a regular at our game table and thanks to its small size always comes away on holidays with us. Its also simple enough that I now also enjoy playing it with my kids.

Super Mario Sunshine

I first played this game at Al’s house when we used to cut class and run to his home which was literally next to our school. I didn't have a gamecube at the time but playing this game and experience the creative world and clever use of the analogue triggers with the FLUDD, I was sold and I just had to get a Gamecube and a copy of this game. Thoroughly loved replaying this on the Switch when the All Stars pack came out a couple of years ago.


Really enjoy playing this with friends and family, especially as there's no limit to the number of people that can play on each team. I’ve found over the years that it's a great gateway game to get your loved ones into tabletop gaming as its easy to pick up and challenging to master.

Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time

Not much for me to add to this that Al hasn't said already. This game really blew me away at the time and led to me trading my original Playstation for an N64! Just beaten to top spot by Wind Waker for me, but a classic I have played numerous times, and will likely play again.

Final Fantasy 7

This was probably the first JRPG I had played at the time and it sucked me in completely with its engaging story; first and possibly only game to have actually had me shed a tear! That cutscene with Aerith’s death was just too much and that music still haunts me to this day one of my favorite soundtracks to a video game ever too.


Another game I first came across on Hui(Whea)ton’s table top show, (if you didn't get that spelling / pronunciation I was trying to emulate Sheldon Cooper on the Big Bang Theory. Always a regular at our table and a game that I really enjoy playing with my wife as a duet. I enjoy this one so much I even have it on my ipad where I find it works really well and plays true to the table top version.


As Al said above, we used to have a Youtube Minecraft channel which was great fun and whilst I agree with Al that there is something relaxing about mining those blocks I always get incredibly stressed when caving and dungeon delving, but I love it. Even though i go several months without playing it i always find myself coming back to it to start a new world and get those survival juices flowing.

We hope you enjoyed this post and that you feel you know us a little better too… please drop your ten games to know you by too

Best wishes as always

Nich & Al

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