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Join the adventure! 

Welcome to our Item Shop! (Extras) where in exchange for a one-off donation, you can select a potion, scroll or magical item which will then appear in game during the next available episode along with an in-podcast shoutout and a special tweet. In this way you too can play a part in our adventures and help mould the stories we tell.


It is important for us to highlight that this is a fun way for us to engage with you, our listeners, and for you to support our podcast. Your one-off donation is not in exchange for a physical or digital item of real value, but will translate to an in-game episode in our Podcast as highlighted above.

Click on an item below to direct you to our Item Shop page on Buy Me a Coffee; We hope you enjoy this interactive system to support our podcast and we look forward to seeing how you help us tell the next chapters of the games we play. 

In two the dungeon shop
sickle in two the dungeon
leather armor in two the dungeon
Shield in two the dungeon
Scroll of revivify in two the dungeon
Scroll prayer of healing.png
Scroll jump.png
Potion of invisibility in two the dungeon
Potion of Heroism In two the dungeon
Potion of Hill Giant Strength.png
Oil of sharpness in two the dungeon
Potion of Healing in two the dungeon
ravo top donator.png
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