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Hi I'm Alan I've been into tabletop gaming most of my life and it's been something I've enjoyed since I was a child. 

I was introduced to TTRPGs specifically when I was around 12 but I didn't get it back then, It wasn't until 8 years ago, after the release of D&D 5e that my younger brother finally convinced me to play and I haven't looked back since.


Some years ago I had pondered on beggining a podcast but I never got around to doing it. In 2022 Nich and I were thinking of starting a two piece band and that's when Nich suggested we should try a TTRPG related podcast instead. I immediately latched on to the idea and I've been having a blast ever since. I play Shrew in our first campaign of Dungeon & Dragon's The Dragon of Ice Spire Peak.

Nich here, I've been into general Table Top Gaming on and off most of my life, and in terms of TTRPGs for about 7 years now. Although TTRPGs were something that had always peaked my interest, Alan first lured me down the rabbit hole in to the wonderful world of this hobby.

I tend to prefer low magic gritty fantasy and games with more role playing as opposed to roll playing. D&D 5e is what I have most experience in, although I have really enjoyed playing Basic Fantasy and White Box in the past and I'm looking forward to exploring new systems with Alan on the show.


Whilst I have been an active musician for nearly two decades this has been my first foray into podcasting, editing and mastering, and although its proving to be hard work I've enjoyed, and am enjoying every step of the journey. 

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